Text Particles Dissolve Tutorial in After Effects

Learn how to Create Text Particles Dissolve Tutorial in After Effects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Fractal Noise, Particular Effects, and more

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CC Particle Systems II is one of the plugins used to create simulations of particle effects in After Effects. The Birth rate is controlling how many particles are emitter. The longevity that is how long the particles would be in the air per seconds.

The explosion of the particles in Text

The most important thing is, we need to hit this source alpha inheritance. It links the explosion of the particles only to where the letters are placed. So the particles are only being emitted from the letters.  
Text Particles Dissolve Tutorial

Text Particles Dissolve Tutorial in After Effects

Here is the Full Tutorial video of how to Create a Text Particles Dissolve Tutorial in After Effects. After Watch this video, don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Check our Blog for More Tutorials.

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