18 Best Plugins for your WordPress Website 2022 – (Free & Paid)

Having the Best plugins and tools for WordPress might help your site perform better. Here are the best WordPress plugins for your website.

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What is WordPress Plugin, and why it is needed?

A plugin is a piece of software that has a collection of functionality that may be installed on a WordPress website. They can improve the operation of your WordPress blogs or add new features. There are more than 59,000+ WordPress plugins available. That makes it incredibly difficult for beginners to identify the appropriate plugin for their website.

Having the Best plugins and tools for WordPress might help your site perform better. In this article, I’ve listed the best must-have WordPress plugins for your website in 2021.

Top Must-Have Plugins for your Website

Here is My Top personal favourite Plugin that Every site needs.

  • Rankmath – Improves the performance of websites in search engines.
  • UpdraftPlus – Creates Backups of your site and Restore them Quickly.
  • WP Rocket – Powerful Plugin, which improves your Site Speed and Performance.
  • Akismet – prevents spam comments from appearing on websites.
  • Imagify – Optimize your website by compressing images and converting them to Webp format.
  • Wordfence – It protects the website from harmful traffic by installing a firewall.

18 Best Plugins For your Website

1. Rank Math

Best Plugins

Rank Math is one of the Best Plugins for WordPress SEO that help achieve a high SEO ranking and standard for a website. Rank Math can help you determine what’s wrong with a keyword you’re trying to rank for in your website’s content. Rank Math focuses primarily on on-page SEO

It handles the majority of on-page SEO techniques, both basic and advanced. When you begin writing content for your web page or blog, you will be given the option of including your targeted Keyword. Your content would be checked after the keyword insertion, and Rank Math would highlight what is correct and what needs to be improved.

Automated image optimization, Google News and Google Video sitemaps, and local SEO optimization are all capabilities that may be beneficial to you. Rank Math also Supports Elementor, WooCommerce, Divi and integrations.

Rank Math has Both Free and Premium Versions and offers only annual subscriptions. You’ll be able to choose three different plans from $59-$499/year. With a one-year pricing plan, Unlimited websites, you’ll get a Powerful Schema Generator, 24/7 Support and updates.

Check the Rank Math Review

2. UpdraftPlus


UpdraftPlus is one of the best Plugins for WordPress backup and restore. It has over three million active installations and is the most popular scheduled backup plugin. It enables you to create backup schedules that run automatically. It will also help you in restoring your WordPress site in the event of a crash. You can quickly Backup your files and databases to the cloud, then restore them with a single click!

One of the most effective ways to save your site’s database for future access is to use the backup process. It’s one of the necessary precautions we can take to protect our data and restore it in the event of a loss.

UpdraftPlus also offer Free and Premium plans that offer annual subscriptions. You’ll be able to choose five different plans that are from $70-$399/year With a one-year pricing plan, All Addons, 24/7 Support and updates are included.

Check the UpdraftPlus Review

3. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching and performance optimization plugin that helps websites load faster. It’s the World’s most powerful web performance Plugin. And also, it is one of the Best Plugins that will significantly improve your Google PageSpeed and Core Web scores. 

WP Rocket will construct the cache beginning with the links on your homepage and progressing to the sitemaps you designate when you enable Preloading. Automatically Preloading will activate when you add or edit content and may also be triggered manually from the admin bar or the Plugin Dashboard.

The plugin works well with popular SEO plugins because it can detect and Preload sitemaps generated by Rankmath, Yoast, All In One SEO and Jetpack. WP Rocket works with well-known e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

WP Rocket Plugin is a premium plugin that comes with three different pricing options from $49-$249/month. Each plan includes all of the features; the only restriction is the number of websites installed by the plugin.

Check the WP Rocket Review

4. Wordfence


Wordfence plugin is one of the best plugins to keep your website safe. It protects the website from harmful traffic by installing a firewall. It looks for bad URLs, malware, SERP spam, backdoors, code injections, and malicious redirects in core files, plugins, and themes. It also has a secure login system and virus scanning to prevent suspicious external attempts. You’ll be notified whenever something strange happens on your website regarding security.

This plugin allows you to track all of your traffic in real-time, including robots, people, 404 errors, logins, and logouts. It also uses Two Factor Authentication and a Web application firewall to improve login security.

Wordfence has both free and premium versions of the plugin. You will get more great features to secure your website in the premium version. The premium version pricing is $99.00/year per licence.

5. Elementor


Elementor is the Most popular Page Builder for WordPress. It is one of the Best Plugins with have drag and drop Builder, and also it has more features and is easy to build your site. It has over 100+ pre-made page designs for various niches, as well as 300+ different blocks to use for your Website.

The front-end builder technique allows you to see the changes you’re making to your Website as you edit, instead of blindly working your way through WordPress and hoping for the best, making even the free option an excellent companion for anyone trying to develop a site.

Elementor offers both free and paid versions of the plugin. You will get more features and widgets in the Pro version. There are five different pricing plans starting from $49-$999/year. Each plan contains all the functionality; the only limitation is the number of websites the plugin can install.

Check the Elementor Review

6. Stackable

GSP Creations

Stackable is the most reliable Gutenberg companion you’ve ever had. Create dynamic websites with our strong yet lightweight custom blocks, ready-made designs, UI Kits, global settings, and comprehensive customization possibilities, all while maintaining blazing speed. It is one of the best Plugins for the Gutenberg Block Editor. With a new page-building experience for Gutenberg, you’ll be able to easily develop excellent webpages that stand out.

It is an all-in-one solution for turning Gutenberg into a Page Builder and constructing amazing websites. Stackable has enabled thousands of bloggers, merchants, designers, and web development professionals to make the most of the WordPress Block Editor through quick, powerful, and intuitive features, with over 100K websites using this Stackable Plugin.

Check the Stackable Plugin Review

7. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is the best user-friendly, customisable drag-and-drop WordPress Contact Form Plugin that includes all of the premium features and a slew of new ones. Fluent Forms is more than just a contact form plugin; it is a robust forms solution that can construct a payment form, contribution form, registration form, online booking form, guest blogging form, and other forms.

Fluent Forms Pro works with PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to effortlessly construct a payment form on your website to take credit card payments. You may also create a contribution form and accept donations online using the PayPal payment option. 

Fluent Form is one of the best plugins which is lightweight and fast in performance. It has both Free and premium versions. The pro version pricing starts from $59-$199/year, and also this plugin offers a Lifetime Deal.

8. Akismet Spam Protection


Akismet is a WordPress plugin created by the same team who created WordPress. It’s a well-known WordPress plugin. This anti-spam plugin is one of the Best plugins that scan all comments for spam and filters them out.

The plugin keeps track of the status of each remark so you can see which ones were flagged as spam. You may also examine how many approved comments each person has, look at the URLs in the comment text, and delete any questionable links.

Personal blogs can obtain Akismet API keys and use this WordPress plugin for free. However, commercial websites need to pay for subscriptions rates offered by Akismet range from $8.33-$250/month.

9. Fluent SMTP

Fluent SMTP

Fluent SMTP is the quickest and most advanced WordPress Mail SMTP plugin. This plugin was designed for speed, dependability, and scalability. It connects WordPress Mail to your email service providers, which solves the problem of email delivery. Because these are native integrations, the emails will be sent very quickly.

 FluentSMTP setup methods are available to link your site to the selected SMTP provider. it also supports integration with

  • Amazon SES API Connection
  • Gmail OAuth API Connection
  • Google Workspace OAuth API Connection
  • Outlook OAuth API Connection
  • SendGrid API
  • Mailgun API
  • Sendinblue API
  • Pepipost API
  • SparkPost API
  • Zoho via SMTP
  • All Other SMTP

It is one of the best Plugins for SMTP, You can connect as many email service providers as you like, and FluentSMTP will automatically send transactional and marketing emails. This is one of FluentSMTP’s unique features. 

10. Tutor Lms

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is one of the Best Plugins for WordPress LMS, making creating courses more user-friendly. It comes with a drag-and-drop course builder and a 10-question advanced quiz creator. Multi-instructor reports, assignments, course prerequisites, certificates, email, course preview, and more are among the useful addons. Multiple payment gateways can be used with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. With Tutor LMS, you can track course progress, revenue, and purchase history.

Tutor LMS includes all of the features needed to build a fantastic e-learning platform similar to Udemy or Coursera. Quiz, question, and dashboard features enable training centres, educational institutions, and even individuals to create a platform in the shortest time possible.

This Plugin also provides both free and premium versions. The pricing starts from $149-$299/year and offers a Lifetime Deal for this Plugin.

Check the Tutor LMS Review

11. Fluent CRM


FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin that automates email marketing. It will allow you to handle your email campaigns, leads and customers, automatic email sequencing, learner and affiliate administration, user activity monitoring, and much more all in one place, without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

This Plugin offers a single purchase license solution that is affordable no matter how big or small the business. In contrast, all other plugins took the path to exclusive services locked behind paywalls.

In comparison to the rest of the plugin marketplace, Fluent CRM is one of the best Plugins and offers a distinct value proposition. Self-hosting email campaigns is a whole new level of control for WordPress-powered businesses, and this Plugin makes it easy.

FluentCRM Pro version offers only annual subscriptions. You’ll be able to choose three different plans. Starting from $129-$499/year With a one-year pricing plan, you’ll get a 1 Year Plugin Update, 1 Year Priority Support and All Features Included.

Check the FluentCRM Review

12. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit

Google Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google that provides insights into how people find and use your site. Site Kit is a one-stop solution for deploying, managing and gaining insights from critical Google tools needed to make a website successful on the web.

Site Kit is one of the free Best Plugins that collects official statistics and critical data from various Google tools. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdSense are just a few supported technologies.

Site Kit is not only simple to use, but it is also simple to grasp in terms of data. It converts raw data into readable reports before presenting them in a single dashboard.

13. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders


FileBird is one of the Best plugins that allows you to manage your media files in well-organised folders within the WordPress dashboard using a stunning interface that includes both right-click and drag-and-drop functionality.

Managing several websites requires constantly adding new media files to your site server, such as images, videos, audio, documents, and so on. As a result, your WordPress media library will become disorganised, making it challenging to locate the assets you require. You wish you could sort all of those files into folders so you could handle them more accessible. 

FileBird media folder is essentially a virtual category added to WordPress media files that do not alter the file permalinks. You can create an Unlimted Folder and subfolders using this Plugin. It also offers a pro version with some more features. It will be $39/site for a Lifetime.

14. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is one of the most popular free Best Plugins for eCommerce sites. WooCommerce has been the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin over the last several years. It was created by the same people that brought you WordPress.com, Jetpack, and other well-known services.

WooCommerce is the most well-known WordPress eCommerce plugin. It’s used to manage an online store by millions of WordPress websites, and its great level of customization means you can customize it to your specific needs. It has many free and Premium addons for more features.

15. Dokan Multivendor

GSP Creations

The Dokan Multivendor plugins allow you to convert your WordPress website into an eCommerce marketplace. Visitors may register on your website, list things, and sell products without the website owner having to do anything. You may quickly set up commissions, fees, and other pretty good features.

Dokan, powered by WooCommerce, is the best front-end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress. It is one of the best plugins for WordPress that enables you to create your own marketplace in about 30 minutes, similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Magento. Dokan is the quickest way to get started with eCommerce and earn commissions on products that range from digital to physical to changeable.

16. Imagify


Imagify is one of the Best Plugins to Optimize images, compress images without losing quality, convert WebP and speed up your website. Lighter pictures will help your page load faster. Everyone can benefit from image improvement. It’s a reality that the average web page continues to grow in size. It can be attributed to the increasing prominence of visuals. 

You’ll gain in terms of performance, user experience, and even SEO by using lighter pictures. You may lighten the weight of your Images without sacrificing quality. They will continue to be lovely. With a single click, you can optimize all of your Images. On-the-fly resizing of your Images is possible. When you need to, restore your media to its original state. Your Images are automatically adjusted for the compression level you’ve chosen.

17. All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration

The All-in-One WP Migration is one of the Best plugins. It was created to make it simple to export your WordPress database, media files, plugins, and themes. There’s also a find/replace database tool that makes it simple to repair damaged files and links after you’ve migrated your site.

The plugin is designed to work with the most popular WordPress hosting providers and overcome webserver upload size restrictions up to 512MB (5GB in the pro version). It also integrates and synchronises with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Only extensions, which cost $99 per subscription, are available for cloud storage connections.

18. Fluent Support

Fluent Support

Fluent Support is the most comprehensive and feature-rich customer support ticketing system solution available. It is also the simplest and fastest Free WordPress Support Ticketing Plugin. Manage your client queries using several channels such as a contact form, a support ticketing form, email, or a remote website. 

You may appoint several client representatives with suitable authority levels in addition to handling tickets. Get detailed reports on your customers, agents, and the overall performance of your customer service desk. One of the best Plugins for Support Ticketing systems. You can see your customer’s 360-degree view from the ticket view, including previous tickets, address, purchase history, membership levels, and so on. When you have all of a customer’s information as well as their enquiry, you can do more.

Fluent Support is a self-hosted support ticketing system with an unlimited number of tickets, support agents, users, products, tags, channels, and so on. There are no constraints because you own your system and data.

Fluent Support has a Pro version that You’ll be able to choose three different plans. Starting from $129-$399/year With a one-year pricing plan, you’ll get a Bussiness Email Piping, Unlimited Email Parsing, 1 Year Plugin Update, 1 Year Priority Support and All Features Included.


So finally, These are the 16 Best Plugins that your Site needs. Every Plugin has pros and cons., so these are the Top Best Plugins that I have picked for your website. As mentioned above, these plugins offer basic functionality, improve site SEO, performance, and security, and better market your content and items.

Don’t install too many plugins on your website. It will slow down your website Performance. For a shared hosting website, try to Keep 5 to 10 Plugins as per your needs. Let me know which Plugin is your favourite, and you are going to use it. You should now have a better understanding of which WordPress plugins to use. If you are already using them, please provide your comments in the comment section below.

Leave a suggestion in the comment box below if you think we missed any essential WordPress plugins.

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